New Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, Base Only

The New Standard™ Stereotaxic base for use with Rats and Mice
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51501 New Standard Stereotaxic, Rat and Mouse, Base Only Login
The innovative design of the New Standard™ Stereotaxic Base provides users with the ability to perform surgeries on both Mice and Rats on the same instrument. With elimination of the traditional U-frame, the base allows you greater flexibility and access to the animal. The vertical and horizontal adjustment of ear and nose post accommodates rodents of all sizes.


Like the classic Lab Standard™, the NEW Standard Stereotaxic Instrument has larger laser engraved vernier scales (accurate to 100 um), 80 mm of ventral-dorsal, medial-lateral and anterior-posterior travel, absolute lock at 90° ventral-dorsal and brass-bushings for electrical grounding. It is available as a digital or motorized model.

But the NEW Standard "design" is what sets it apart:
  • Revolutionary vertically-adjusting ear and nose bar posts
  • Revolutionary horizontally-adjusting ear and nose bar posts
  • Designed for both Rats and Mice all on the same base
  • No U-frame, maximizes operating space
  • Traditional and non-traumatic Rat ear bars
  • Includes Mouse and Rat nose adaptor