User Qualifications

Psychological Assessment User Qualifications

Stoelting adheres to guidelines established by psychological accrediting agencies governing appropriate use of testing materials. Psychological assessments are not intended for sale to the general public.  Users are required to have the appropriate qualifications based on the following criteria. Generally, assessments require a B-level qualification, unless stated otherwise on product webpages.

A - Level - Users at this level have had training in psychological assessment.  They may not have an advanced degree or license in psychological assessment.

B - Level - Users at this level have had advanced training and advanced coursework in psychological assessment along with advanced degree.  They will have licensure or be working under a licensed professional.

C (S) - Level - Users at this level have an advanced graduate degree in a field pertaining to psychological assessment with training in psychological assessment and interpretation.  Users will have licensure in a field involving administration of psychological assessments and interpretation, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.