Psychology Field Research

Opportunities for Field Research

Are you looking to use your clinical skills to help validate new assessments for future use? 


  • Help shape the tools that you and other mental health professionals will use in your clincal practice
  • Keep updated with the latest research on clinical issues
  • Payment for test administration and item-level data collection (No scoring!)
  • Paid training
  • Acknowledgment in published test manual forms.  

As a publisher of psychological assessments, Stoelting continuously develops and updates tests and therapeutic products.  A necessary component in the process of test development is researching the test by administering it to actual individuals from the population for whom the test is intended, a process termed “field research.”  Field research is performed with field researchers, professionals and clinicians who will typically be administering the test in the actual settings where the completed test will be administered.  Mimicking the testing environment helps improve the validity of the test for use in those settings where it is intended to be used.

As a field researcher, or examiner, you will be administering the test and collecting data on individuals’ performance on the test, which you will communicate back to Stoelting, the publisher.  This is an important job, as future clinicians will be making judgments about and providing services to young children based on data that you’ve collected during this time.


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Current Research Opportunities 

Stoelting accepts applications to work as a Field Researcher on an ongoing basis.  We will then contact you as we have projects that arise that fit your qualifications.  We currently have research projects involving:

  • Early Childhood Assessment
  • Early Childhood Nonverbal Assessment (for children with deafness or other language issues)
  • Observation Scale for individuals with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Sexual Knowledge Assessment for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Field Researcher Qualifications 
Field Researcher Qualifications

Preferred qualifications (with exceptions made) to participate as a field researcher are:

  • Experience in education or the assessment of children/adults with and without disabilities
  • Master’s degree or above in special education, school psychology, childhood/exceptional education, clinical, or counseling psychology
  • Training in psychometrics, assessment, and test-subject matter

We welcome individuals who possess a Doctorate in a related field to work independently, and/or to provide supervision to graduate students or other professionals.

Field Researcher Training

Stoelting will be providing each researcher with a comprehensive training package.  Field Researchers will be compensated for the training, which will be paid after completion of 5 testing cases. 

Field Researcher Application Process

If you would like to participate, please complete the application obtainable in the above link and indicate which types of individuals you have access to test.

Field Researcher Compensation

Stoelting Co. will reimburse the examiner for each completed protocol.  Exact payment will depend on factors, including examiner background, test, and case characteristics.  Stoelting will also compensate examinees to assist in your recruitment efforts.
Some field researchers who have experience testing with other instruments than what are being validated may be asked to administer an additional test in conjunction to the researched assessment.  Additional testing will
All field researchers who complete the project will be cited in the acknowledgment section of the Manual for the assessment being researched.


Assessment Materials

Stoelting will provide the necessary materials to field researchers needed to complete the project.  These materials include all testing materials, necessary forms for obtaining subject and site consent, demographic information, parent information, and field researcher and subject/site reimbursement forms.  

  • You do NOT need to score the protocols, but please tally responses
  • You do NOT need to write clinical reports

Stoelting is only concerned with the item level data!

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