Use Stoelting Assessments for Research

Evidence-based instruments to investigate mental health issues

You want proven tools, backed by their own research, to give clear answers to your research questions.  

Support from Stoelting’s clinical experts

Stoelting has licensed mental health professionals, with access to the latest tools, and researchers who can guide you in assessment selection, research design, scoring and interpretation, and appropriate test use.  We can provide trainings as needed to ensure your researchers are administering the tests in the appropriate manner.

Accommodations for research needs

Need to print a participant id field on a record form? A modification to instructions? Translate an entire test?  We understand researchers have unique needs and we want to work with you to find solutions.  We can provide guidance about accommodations that can be made that are still in keeping with standardized procedures.  We can grant those accommodations and provide digital files with which to make changes, as needed.

Research/Training Discount

We support the use of our tests for research intended to generate published findings.  We are happy to offer a research discount for use of our proprietary products.  Exact discount varies by specific needs.  We encourage you to complete a form for use of the test in rese arch and to receive a discount through the link below.


Research form

Need an agreement for research or remote administration?

Stoelting Research

Stoelting requires a research agreement to conduct research with our assessments.  This agreement provides information about appropriate use of test materials during research, accommodates unique non-standardized research needs, and serves to document that you have obtained proper permission.  In addition, we provide a research discount for research conducted with our proprietary assessments intended for publication.  Ensure your research project is in-line with best practices and cleared for approval before beginning.

Telehealth Administration

Clinicians may need to administer assessments remotely due to logistical necessities, health reasons, or for other needs.  Stoelting has been able to modify some of our assessments for remote administration.  Complete an agreement to learn appropriate use of the assessment during telehealth sessions and ensure you are in compliance with appropriate test usage.  There is no additional fee for remote administration if you have assessment materials.  Discover how remote assessment can open up new avenues of testing.


Telehealth form