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Developed an Effective Test or Treatment?

We are always looking for new products. Oftentimes, our best instruments are developed by clinicians and researchers like you, who find a tool that works with their population and wish to share it with others.  Clinicians working in that field usually appreciate having a packaged product they can use that helps save time and gets them treating their clients even quicker.


We work with authors to place their product in the hands of clinicians and provide:

  • Content development, statistics, and editing
  • Design, engineering, and material sourcing
  • Printing and distribution
  • Marketing and ongoing clinical support

Stoelting pays a royalty to authors for sales and handles all the details of product distribution.

Start by contacting us with your proposed idea.  We do not disclose proposals and ensure author content is protected as their own material.  We will then respond with next steps for exploring the suitability of the product for placement here, which usually involves having a conversation about the current development of the product, product description, what is needed for further development, and what Stoelting can help with.

All ideas are welcome!
Help further the field and consider publishing with Stoelting.


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Help further the field and consider publishing with Stoelting.