WCST Computer Version 4
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32435 Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, Physical Kit (WCST Kit) $571.00
32435R WCST Record Booklets, Pk/25 $86.00
32438 WCST:CV4 Scoring Program-Download $912.00
32437R WCST:CV4 Computer Version Record Form, Pk/25 $79.00
32437 WCST:CV4 Scoring Program Kit-Download $988.00
32440 WCST-64 Computer Version 2 Scoring Program–Version 2 $648.00
Administers and scores the WCST

 Administers and scores the WCST
Robert K. Heaton, Ph.D.

The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) is a classic, brief, and efficient assessment of executive functions.  Examinees must complete tasks requiring classification of stimuli by different organizing schemes in an expeditious manner.  The test provides information on examinees' attention, organization, and classification abilities.  There are two main options for WCST kits.

1) One option is the WCST-CV kit.  This abbreviation stands for "Wisconsin Card Sorting Test- Computer Version 4- Research Edition."  This kit allows for on-screen administration of the WCST, as well as paper-based administration and then computerized scoring.  The WCST-CV uses norms based on paper-based adminstration for this Research Edition kit. 

Keyboard response entry utilizes four pre-defined alphanumeric keys. Colored keytops, representing the 4 WCST Stimulus Cards, are included with the kit and can be attached to these keys.

With on screen administration, the user-friendly software automatically tells (by an audible, English response and on on-screen message in any o 10 user-definable languages) whether the choice was correct or incorrect.

If you choose to use the WCST-CV kit, you have two options for obtaining kits:

  • WCST:CV4 Introductory Kit-CD-Rom(32427K)- This is the most complete kit.  This kit provides everything you need to administer and score the WCST, assuming you do not have any WCST materials already.  Included in this kit are: WCST Manual, keytops, CD software, and 25 WCST:CV Record Forms. 
  • WCST Complete Kit-4: CD ROM (WCST: CV4 CD-ROM) (32427)- This kit has the same materials as the WCST:CV4 Introductory Kit-CD-ROM (32427K), described above, except for the manual.  So, those who already have the WCST manual should buy this.

These are the Record Forms that go with the WCST:CV4 Kit:

  • WCST:CV4 Computer Version Record Form, Pk/25(32427R)- These are the forms to get to accompany the WCST: CV4 kits above (32427 and 32427K).  These forms are not needed if you choose to administer on-screen.  However, some clinicians may prefer to administer the test with these forms, then enter the results into the scoring program.

2) Another option for computerized scoring of the WCST is to use Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, Physical Kit (WCST Kit) (32435) and WCST-4: Scoring Program (32438).  You will administer the test using paper administration.  The scores can then be entered in the scoring program to be scored.  Clinicians with an existing WCST Kit can also upgrade their kit with the WCST-4: Scoring Program.

These are the Record Forms that go with the WCST:CV4 Kit:

  • WCST Record Form, Pk/25(32425R)- These forms are to be used with the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, Physical Kit (32425)

 With both kits the scoring program provides the following features:

A subject record feature saves basic demographic information and stores test response data for tracking progress and monitoring changes over time.

WCST:CV4 Report automatically scores responses and generates a report which includes:

  • Demographic information and test performance variables.
  • WCST raw scores and corresponding demographically-corrected standard scores (T-scores, percentile scores, and percentile ranges)
  • Both computer scoring kits require updated versions of Windows and CD drive for installation.