The Logical Rorschach

The Logical Rorschach, an efficient scoring method for the Rorschach
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The Logical Rorschach is an efficient scoring method to screen for psychopathology with the Rorschach. It eliminates the complexity and over-pathologizing of other methods.

A brief scoring method to screen for psychopathology

Marguerite R. Hertz, PhD

The Logical Rorschach eliminates the complexity, redundancy, and over-pathologizing of typical Rorschach scoring methods.

An efficient way to score Rorschach responses, this convenient technique yields two numerical scores:

  • TETRAUT score, based on the number and type of autistic responses
  • PAS score, based on the perceptual accuracy of the responses

Derived in less than 10 minutes, these scores are enough to identify two types of psychopathology:
• Thought disorders • General behavioral inefficiency

The Logical Rorschach Kit includes a Handbook and 25 Record Booklets.