The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP)

The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP)

Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP), an assessment of the quality of inclusive education practices
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The Inclusive Classroom Profile (ICP) is an observation rating scale, to assess the quality of daily classroom practices to support the needs of children with disabilities. It is the first research-based tool for assessing inclusive classroom practices.

Reliable, valid and easy-to-use

Elena P. Soukakou, Ph. D.

  • Age Range:  2-5 years
  • Time:  3 ½ hours to observe; 20 minutes to score

The ICP is an observation rating scale, designed to assess the quality of daily classroom practices, which support the developmental needs of children with disabilities.  It is the first commercially-available, research-based tool for assessing the quality of inclusive early childhood classroom practices.  

Early childhood special educators, directors and researchers, as well as Head Start professionals and inclusion facilitators will find this to be a valuable resource.

The ICP assesses 12 key practices for supporting the education and development of young children in inclusive programs.

*Adaptations of Space, Materials, Equipment    *Adult Involvement in Peer Interactions

*Adults’ Guidance of Children’s Free-Choice Activities and Play   *Conflict Resolution      

*Membership   *Relationships between Adults and Children    *Support for Communication                                    

*Adaptation of Group Activities   *Transitions between Activities     *Feedback

*Family-Professional Partnerships    *Monitoring Children’s Learning

The ICP Kit includes a package of five, 28-page Forms and a 64-page, paperback Manual.