Test of Narrative Language, Second Edition (TNL-2)

The Test of Narrative Language (TNL-2) assesses a child's ability to understand and construct narratives, both personal and fictional, and scripts,...
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The Test of Narrative Language, Second Edition (TNL-2) assesses a child's ability to understand and construct narratives, both personal and fictional, and scripts, to assess for language disorders. Alternating comprehension and production tasks help inform interventions.

Assesses spoken language skills critical for literacy

Ronald B. Gillam, Nils A. Pearson

  • Age Range:  5:0 through 15:11 years
  • Time:  15-20 minutes

The TNL-2 measures a child’s ability to understand, and tell, stories—an important aspect of spoken language, not usually measured by oral-language tests.  It is especially useful for diagnosing language-based learning disabilities

The TNL-2 assesses important aspects of narrative language, without having to transcribe the child’s stories.  It is a natural complement to other standardized tests that use contrived formats to assess components of oral language.

Comprehension and production tasks are alternated, so the child has the opportunity to profit from adult narrative models.  It measures the ability to comprehend and produce three types of stories: a script, a personal narrative and a fictional narrative.

This normative test, includes well-organized norm tables and administration procedures.

Improvements in the TNL-2

This second edition has been improved the three major ways:

  1. New, more colorful pictures
  2. More inferential comprehension questions
  3. Consistent scoring format

In addition, the number of items on the comprehension tasks has been increased, with more inferential items; more items for the youngest, low-functioning children; and more items for the oldest, high-functioning children.  Scoring for the oral narratives is now similar across the tree types of stories, making the TNL-2 easier to score, and more reliable.

The TNL-2 Kit includes the Picture Book, 25 Record Booklets and a Manual.