Stress Survival Guide for Teens

Stress Survival Guide for Teens

Many teens today find themselves worried, anxious, and stressed out. Stress Survival Guide for Teens takes control of stress before it interferes w...
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Many teens today find themselves worried, anxious, and stressed out. Stress Survival Guide for Teens takes control of stress before it interferes with life. This go-to “survival guide” will show how to deal with stress.

Jeffrey Bernstein

Paperback 224 pages

Is stress getting the best of you? Do you ever feel overwhelmed, like your life is zooming by? This practical, proven-effective, and easy-to-use survival guide has your back!

School pressure, BFF drama, body changes, social media, dating—is it any wonder you’re feeling stressed? You aren’t alone. Many teens today find themselves worried, anxious, and stressed out. But there are ways you can take control of your stress before it interferes with your life. This go-to “survival guide” will show you how to deal with stress so you can get back to the things that make you happy.

With this fun and easy guide, you’ll learn how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more helpful, flexible ways of seeing life’s challenges. You’ll also discover how important it is to slow down and notice the things that are really going well in your life! Finally, you’ll learn to figure out what’s really important to you, and how you can use your values to build resilience against stress and future setbacks.

Life is full of stress, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. With this book, you’ll learn to quiet your negative inner voice and focus on your strengths, so you can conquer any challenge you might face, achieve your goals, and live your very best life.

“Stress is part of life for any teen—but it doesn’t have to run your life. Jeffrey Bernstein’s new book, The Stress Survival Guide for Teens, offers proven tools for making you feel more in control, independent, and happier.”
Mark Bertin, MD, developmental pediatrician, and author of How Children Thrive and Mindful Parenting for ADHD

“I loved Jeffrey Bernstein’s integration of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) practices with positive psychology—two powerful sets of practices to help you deal with the stresses of being a teen in the twenty-first century. The principles you learn here can help you not only survive the challenges of your teenage years, but will be invaluable skills as you transition to the demands of adulthood.”
Seth Gillihan, PhD, creator of the Think Act Be podcast and blog, author of The CBT Deck, and coauthor of A Mindful Year

“As with his other books, Jeff Bernstein’s most recent offering, The Stress Survival Guide for Teens, takes on an important issue that directly affects the lives of many adolescents and their families. Bernstein not only describes the common problems, but also provides page after page of clear and thorough guidance for what to do about them. He delivers the tried-and-true skills for facing and handling the many pressures and worries of adolescence in a manner that will leave readers feeling as though they are sitting across from an expert who really ‘gets it.’”
J. Russell Ramsay, PhD, associate professor in the department of clinical psychology, and codirector of the Perelman School of Medicine’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program at the University of Pennsylvania; and author of The Adult ADHD Tool Kit and Rethinking Adult ADHD

The Stress Survival Guide for Teens provides valuable tools to help teens decrease their stress. Jeffrey Bernstein has created exercises that combine CBT and positive psychology that are fun and engaging. I would highly recommend this book to teens and those who work with teens. Looking forward to using this workbook with my clients!”
Caren Baruch-Feldman, PhD, psychologist, and author of The Grit Guide for Teens

“Wow! What a relevant book in this age of increasing anxiety with today’s youth. With Jeff’s many years working with young people on mental health issues, he has collected the best of techniques to help children gain control over their emotions! This book is a great resource for any child dealing with anxiety! It is also a ‘must-have’ for school counselors!”
Carol DeMarco, MSW, middle school counselor for twenty years at Peirce Middle School in West Chester, PA

“Jeffrey Bernstein’s latest book teaches teens of all ages important cognitive-behavioral and positive psychology skills to help equip them to handle the roller-coaster ride of life. This is a practical, easy-to-read, relatable, and highly recommended resource to put teens into the driver’s seat of the stressful and emotional highs and lows, and challenging twists and turns of adolescence that are an inevitable part of growing up.”
Stephanie Margolese, PhD, clinical psychologist; associate professor in the department of psychiatry, and assistant professor in the department of psychology at McGill University; and author of My Brain Team and Sam’s Big Secret

“Bernstein’s wisdom is on point in The Stress Survival Guide for Teens. I heartily recommend this skills-based book for anyone wanting to reduce their stress, gain control in their life, and learn to put the brakes on the difficulties that come with being a teen. For professionals, the combination of CBT, mindfulness, and positive psychology practices make this a complete tool kit for assisting clients. For teens and young adults, this practical guide provides accessible examples for getting a handle on and taming your stress.”
—Gina M. Biegel, MA, LMFT, psychotherapist; researcher; author and coauthor of several books, including The Mindfulness Workbook for Self-Harm, The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens, and Be Mindful Card Deck for Teens; founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) program; and CEO of Stressed Teens

“Let’s face it, today’s teens face more challenges and experience more stress than at any other time in modern history. The realities of a fast-paced digital world leave many feeling chronically anxious, and at times, emotionally and physically overwhelmed. The Stress Survival Guide for Teens provides practical, easy-to-understand, research-supported tools to cope with the mounting pressures of teen life. Although a self-help book written specifically for teens, this is a valuable resource for parents, school personnel, and clinicians.”
—Roger K. McFillin, PsyD, ABPP, executive director at the Center for Integrated Behavioral Health, board certified in behavioral and cognitive psychology, and coauthor of Specialty Competencies in Clinical Psychology

“Teenagers today live in a modern world filled with stress and uncertainty. In The Stress Survival Guide for Teens, Jeffrey Bernstein expertly delivers clinical wisdom to help teens cope with life stressors using a unique blend of CBT and positive psychology that is both personal yet practical—a highly effective guide for teenagers, parents, and clinicians alike!”
—Shannon Delaney, MD, child and adolescent psychiatrist, and assistant professor at Columbia University Medical Center