Slosson Intelligence Test-Fourth Edition (SIT-4)

Slosson Intelligence Test- 4 takes 10 - 20 minutes to administer and assesses in 6 cognitive domains
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Slosson Intelligence Test- 4 provides a quick, reliable screening measure of cognition for children and adults, has large, color stimulus items for the visually impaired, and is administered and scored simultaneously.

Slosson Intelligence Test—Fourth Edition  (SIT-4)                              NEW!

Richard L. Slosson

Age Range:  4-65 years

Time:  10-20 minutes


  • Provides a quick, reliable screening measure of cognition for children and adults
  • Large, color stimulus items for the visually impaired/blind
  • Administered and scored simultaneously

Used widely in schools, institutions, hospitals and correctional facilities, the SIT-4 yields a Total Standard Score, Charts Category Standard Scores, and compares an individual’s ability to achievement.  It is verbally administered, so it does not penalize individuals who are methodical, fearful, or have reading disabilities. 

Crystallized verbal intelligence has the highest overall correlation to mental ability, and is widely used to assess gifted and talented, as well as abilities of the intellectually disabled. 

The SIT-4 assesses six Verbal Cognitive Domains:

1. General Information (GI)

Cultural knowledge, which is not explicitly taught

2. Comprehension (CO)

Social behavior “common sense”, and the ability to interpret sayings and proverbs

3.       Quantitative (QN)

Ability to do mental calculations, remember essential numbers, and determine the arithmetic process required to calculate the correct answer

4.       Similarities and Differences (SD)

Determining common attributes of two dissimilar things, or concepts, and some uncommon attributes

5.       Vocabulary (VO)

Vocabulary skills based on the ability to use, understand and define words orally

6.       Auditory Memory (AM)

Capability to remember, and repeat correctly, a random series of digits, both forward and backward, as well as several sentences


With SIT-4, it is easier to profile strengths and weaknesses, since each item is color coded, for the six sub-domains.  Newly-calibrated norms allow the Total Standard Score, TSS Range, Percentile Rank and Range, all to be tabulated within one user-friendly table.


The SIT-4 Kit includes the Administration Manual, Norms Tables and Technical Manual, and 25 Score Sheets.