Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test (RAIT)

Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test (RAIT), assesses crystallized, fluid, and quantitative intelligence
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Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test (RAIT), assesses crystallized, fluid, and quantitative intelligence, requiring minimal reading and visual-motor skills

Assesses crystallized, fluid, and quantitative intelligence.

Cecil Reynolds, PhD

The RAIT is a rapid, reliable, and valid intelligence test designed for group or individual administration. It is composed of seven subtests that assess crystallized intelligence, fluid intelligence, and quantitative aptitude or intelligence.

  • Age Range:  10-75 years
  • Time:  50 minutes—full battery
  • 30 minutes—crystallized and fluid subtests only
  • Restricted Use:  Level B

Minimal reading skill, and almost no motor coordination and visual-motor skills are required, reducing complications that can occur when manipulatives are used.

Composed of seven subtests, it is designed to provide continuity of measurement across a wide age span.  Two total scores are available, based on the subtests administered.  The Total Battery Intelligence Index includes quantitative intelligence subtests; the Total Intelligence Index does not.  The Score Summary Form allows tracking of scores, over multiple administrations, for calculation of reliable changes indexes, and to calculate discrepancy scores.

The standardization was based on a 2010 Census-matched sample of 2,124 individuals.  This sample included several clinical groups including individuals with  intellectual disability; TBI; stroke; dementia; learning disability; hearing impairment; ADHD, and those considered gifted.

An investigation of RAIT scores’ relationship to occupational industries, and job complexity levels, revealed expected patterns.  Median Total Battery Intelligence Index scores increasing as the industry moved from physically-oriented occupations to business-oriented occupations, and as job-complexity level increased.

The RAIT Kit includes 10 Item Booklets, 25 each of the Answer Sheets and Score Summary Forms, 2 Scoring Keys, and Professional Manual with Fast Guide.