Light's Retention Scale- Fifth Edition (LRS-5)

Light's Retention Scale-Revised helps evaluate students for grade promotion or retention.
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Light's-Retention-Scale- Fourth-Edition-LRS helps educators make sensitive, and often difficult, decisions about whether to promote or retain a student in a grade. The LRS reviews literature involved in this issue and helps school set policies, ensuring parents the process is fair.

H. Wayne Light

  • Age Range: 6-18 years
  • Time: 10-15 minutes

The LRS assists school professionals in making sensitive, and often difficult, decisions about promoting or retaining a child. Containing one of the most comprehensive and current psychological and academic literature reviews of grade retention ever compiled, it helps educators better understand the pros and cons of grade retention. It also assures parents that their decision is based on professional findings.

This reliable scale sets the standard for thousands of districts to:

  • Make grade retention decisions, based on individual situations and needs
  • Provide legal justification
  • Defend the competency standards of school staff
  • Set district-wide retention policies