Kindergarten Readiness Test-LARSON (KRT) Bilingual English-Spanish

Kindergarten Readiness Test-LARSON (KRT) Bilingual English-Spanish can help determine a bilingual young child's ability to be successful in kinderg...
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Kindergarten Readiness Test-LARSON (KRT) Bilingual English-Spanish addresses the question of whether or not to enroll in school, based on academic preparation in young children who speak English, Spanish, or are bilingual

KRT- Bilingual yields a great deal of information focused on making one, but critical decision

(2014 Edition)

Sue Larson, PhD

The Kindergarten Readiness Test- Larson- Bilingual (KRT LARSON- Bilingual) was developed to address the expressed needs, concerns and request by teachers and educators of early education programs and parents, who needed more help in making the decision on whether to begin a child in school for a given school year.  As young children are continuing to learn language, the abilities of those whose first language is not English may not be apparent without testing in the individual's primary language.

The KRT LARSON- Bilingual has been developed to meet the need for a kindergarten readiness assessment instrument that will help assess kindergarten readiness in children who speak both English and Spanish more effectively and efficiently.  The KRT LARSON is also designed to be used by other assessment professionals to help in providing information on children of this age level.

The KRT LARSON Bilingual Edition is an extension of the KRT LARSON, with the addition of Spanish alongside English Administration directions.  It is easily administered to children who only speak English, to children who only speak Spanish, or to children that utilize both English and Spanish languages.  The KRT LARSON is sensitive to current state and federal laws regulating school readiness.