Emotional Disturbance Decision Tree—Self-Report (EDDT-SR)

EDDT-SR is used with other EDDT products to evaluate students as qualifying for special education services due to emotional disturbance.
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EDDT-SR features scales that map directly onto criteria presented in IDEA 2004 and provides a standardized approach to obtain a child’s perspective of his functioning in those areas. For evaluating students to qualify as having an emotional disturbance.

Assesses emotional disturbance from the child or adolescent’s perspective.

  • Age Range:  9-18 years
  • Time:  15 minutes
  • Restricted Use:  Level B

With the addition of the EDDT-SR, You can now assess behavior from the perspectives of the teacher, parent AND child or adolescent.  Intended for use in conjunction with the Emotional Disturbance Decision Tree (EDDT), it is now possible to develop a well-rounded picture of an individual’s functioning.

The EDDT-SR feature scales that map directly onto criteria presented in Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 2004 (IDEA, 2004).  It provides a standardized approach to help clinicians obtain a child’s perspective of his/her functioning in IDEA areas.  It assesses individuals through Emotional Disturbance Characteristics Scales that include:

  • Inability to Build or Maintain Relationships
  • Inappropriate Behaviors or Feelings
  • Pervasive Mood/Depression
  • Physical Symptoms or Fears

Clusters include:

  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Possible Psychosis/Schizophrenia
  • Social Maladjustment

The Level of Severity Cluster indicates the severity of the emotional-behavioral problems a child is facing.  The Motivation Cluster and Resilience Scale measure student strengths.

The EDDT-SR offers additional analysis, and scores developed for comparing responses between all three EDDT versions.  Multi-Rater Summary Forms allow easy comparison between raters.  It also includes brief vignettes to aid clinicians in troubleshooting problems that may occur when using self-report measures.  They also help illustrate how to use self-report data in conjunction with other assessment and interview data.

The EDDT-SR Kit includes 25 each of the Response Booklets, Reusable Item Booklets and Score Summary Booklets and a Manual.