EASY-OT Kit for Grades Pre-K through 12

Educational Assessment of School Youth
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A new tool for school-based occupational therapists.

A new tool for school-based occupational therapists.
Sharon Kenmotsu, OTR/L and Katy Tressler, OTR/L

Developed by occupational therapists, four versions of the EASY make it an appropriate tool for students from preschool through high school, as well as those who are severe and profound, autistic, physically disabled and low-functioning. Each version looks at the developmentally-appropriate school-based tasks in the areas of fine-motor, gross-motor, visual perceptual, visual-motor and self-help skills. Each version (except for the low-functioning version) also contains a section for classroom observations.

The pre-kindergarten through second grade version includes items relating to cutting skills (from snipping to cutting complex shapes), pre-printing skills (from connecting dots to copying shapes) and printing skills. The third through eighth grade version does not include pre-printing, includes fewer cutting items, but includes additional items related to cursive writing. The ninth through twelfth grade version does not include items related to the mechanics of writing (letter formation, spacing, etc), but includes items related to writing accommodations. On the low-functioning version, items relate to head and trunk control, range of motion and computer skills.

A chart provided with the Pre-K through Grade 8 versions allows for observations relating to work space (desk height, work materials), environment (traffic patterns, lighting, noise levels), performance of activity (attention, participation, following directions, interacting with peers) and modifications (verbal cues, physical assistance, other modifications).

The EASY Forms include tables to record results from the most commonly-used standardized tests. The Pre-K-Grade 2 edition includes space for the results from the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales-Revised (PDMS-2), Stoelting Catalog No. 32799, and the Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration, 5th Edition (VMI-5) Stoelting Catalog No. 30204. The Grades 3-12 editions include space for the results from the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency and the VMI-5, Stoelting Catalog No. 30204. Tables are included for fourteen standardized tests, plus one blank table that can be customized for any other test used.

A Sensory Processing Skills Addendum is included for use with students whose functional performance in school is impacted by the way they process sensory input. It addresses auditory, visual, tactile,vestibular, proprioception, behavior and social skills. Information can be obtained from the parent/guardian, teacher, occupational therapist of a prior report. Each area lists common, school-related items that pertain to that sensory system.

The Vocational and Life Skills Addendum is designed to be used as a Vocational Observation Form and Life Skills Checklist. The Vocational Observation Form can be used as a worksheet to help analyze, and solve, issues related to a student’s job.

The EASY encompasses the entire assessment process. A Screening Form and Annual Report Form determine the appropriateness of an occupational therapy assessment, and allow reporting on the continued eligibility for services. The Screening Form is an observation tool, with a checklist of items relating to general fine-motor, gross-motor, self-help, sensory-motor and visual-motor functioning, as well as classroom observations. The Annual Report Form documents the student’s progress toward current goals, and the strategies that have been implemented throughout the year. Considerations for the next IEP year are included.

The 13 EASY Templates assist the therapist in assessing the student’ pre-printing, writing, coloring, cutting and visual-perceptual skills.

  1. Fine Motor: Scissor Skills
  2. Visual Perceptual: Visual Discrimination-Colors
  3. Visual Perceptual: Visual Discrimination-Shapes
  4. Visual Perceptual: Figure Ground-Hidden Picture
  5. Visual Perceptual: Figure Ground-Word Find (2)
  6. Visual Motor: Pre-Printing Skills-Coloring (2)
  7. Visual Motor: Pre-printing Skills-Tracing
  8. Visual Motor: Pre-Printing Skills-Copying (2)
  9. Visual Motor: Printing Skills-Near Model Sentence
  10. Visual Motor: Printing Skills-Near Model Paragraph
  11. Visual Motor: Printing Skills-Far Model Paragraph
  12. Manuscript Letter and Number Identification Sheet
  13. Cursive Letter and Number Identification Sheet

A Pencil Grasp Guide makes it easy to identify, and record, the student’s grasp. A Screening Form and an Annual Report Form are also included.

The EASY can be completed manually, or on a PC. All forms and materials are provided on a CD suitable for PC computers. The EASY-OT Kit includes CD-ROM Software, a Manual, Test Templates and 10 each of all Forms for grades Pre-K through 12, and Sensory Processing and Life Skills Addendums.