Cognitive Assessment of Young Children (CAYC)

Cognitive Assessment of Young Children (CAYC)- a useful screening assessment to identify developmental delays
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Cognitive Assessment of Young Children (CAYC) consists of developmental tasks that youth must perform to demonstrate their ability to learn, problem solve, and use beginning executive functioning skills. Useful in identifying developmental delays

Easy-to-use screening and assessment toll to identify children with developmental delays

M. Beth Langley & Rebecca R. Fewell

  • Ages: 2 months through 5-11
  • Testing Time: 15 to 30 minutes

Based on the same reliable, successful, theoretical model as the Developmental Activities Screening Inventory (DASI) and DASI-II, the CAYC consists of 107 structured, play-based items in six age-related levels. Each level consists of developmental and metacognitive tasks to assess young children's ability to solve problems, apply learned information to tasks, and use of executive functioning skills.

The CAYC assessments include:

  • Fine motor coordination and planning
  • Memory
  • Perceptual development
  • Classification and organizational skills
  • Practical knowledge
  • Interactive communication and play
  • Reasoning
  • Processing
  • Concept development
  • Components of early learning skills

Results of these assessments provide:

  • Early Identification of developmental delay
  • Determination of strengths and weaknesses
  • Documentation of progress
  • Research data can be collected

The CAYC Kit Iincludes a Card Kit, 25 Record Booklets, and a Manual.