Clinical Assessment of Attention Deficit-Child (CAT-C)

The CAT-C provides a comprehensive assessment of attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity.
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The CAT-C provides a comprehensive assessment of attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity.

Provides a comprehensive assessment of attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity.
Bruce A. Bracken, Ph. D. And Barbara S. Boatwright, Ph. D.

  • Age Range: 8-18
  • Time: 10-20 minutes
  • Restricted Use: Level B

The CAT-C is a 42-item assessment instrument with three parallel rating forms:

  • Self-Rating
  • Parent
  • Teacher

All three CAT-C Rating Forms are comprehensive, highly reliable, and sensitive to the symptomology of attentional deficits, with and without hyperactivity, in children and adolescents.

Closely aligned with current diagnostic criteria, the CAT-C includes scales, clusters and items that are sensitive to symptom presentation in differing contexts, and expressed as either internal sensations or overt behavior. This linkage to the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria, with comprehensive content coverage both within and across scales/clusters assists in rendering a differential diagnosis.

Context clusters indicate contexts in which ADD/ADHD symptoms are most problematic, and Locus clusters indicate the extent to which ADD/ADHD symptoms are experienced internally as sensations, versus symptoms that are acted-out upon as overt behaviors.

The CAT-C presents a balanced framework of clinical diagnostic content dispersed across important life contexts. In addition, three validity scales are embedded within the instrument:

  • Negative Impression
  • Infrequency
  • Positive Impression

Thorough and complete score reporting includes:

  • Standard Scores (T-scores)
  • percentile ranks
  • confidence intervals
  • qualitative classifications
  • graphical profile displays

The CAT-C was standardized on a sample of 800 children/adolescents ages 8-18 years, 800 matched parents of the children/adolescents, and 600 teachers of these same children. The sample was well-matched to the U.S. population for gender, race/ethnicity and education level.

Concurrent validity for the CAT-C was assessed via comparison with the Conners’Rating Scales (Stoelting Cat. No.32750), the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Test (Stoelting Cat. No. 32835), the Clinical Assessment of Behavior (Stoelting Cat. No. 32590) and the Clinical Assessment of Depression, revealing high correlations for both the nonclinical and the combined clinical samples, that are in the moderate-to-high range across all three Rating Forms.

The CAT-C Kit includes a Manual and 25 each of the Self-Rating, Parent Rating and Teacher Rating Forms, the Self-Rating Score Summary/Profile Forms; Parent Score Summary/Profile Forms and Teacher Score Summary/Profile Forms.

CAT-C/CD-ROM Kit includes the On-Screen Software Manual, Installation Guide, Unlimited-Use Scoring and Reporting for the CAT-C.

To have a complete kit, users must purchase CAT-C/CD-ROM Kit and CAT-C Kit.

CAT-A/CAT-C/CD-ROM Kit has scoring software for both the CAT-A and CAT-C.  Both the CAT-C and CAT-A Kits must be purchased separately to have complete kits.

Coefficicient Alpha Reliabilities (a)
for the CAT-C Scales and Clusters
CAT-C form
Parent a
Clinical Scale    
Inattention (ATT)
Impulsivity (IMP)
Hyperactivity (HYP)
Context Cluster    
Personal (PER)
Academic/Occupational (A/O)
Social (SOC)
Locus cluster    
Internal (INT)
External (EXT)
CAT-C Clinical Index (CAT-C CI)