Aberrant Behavior Checklist-Second Edition (ABC-2)

Aberrant Behavior Checklist-Second Edition (ABC-2)

ABC-2 is a long-researched assessment of problematic behavior, identifying exactly what the focus of treatment should be.
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Aberrant Behavior Checklist- 2 (ABC-2) is extensively researched, has excellent psychometrics, validated with multiple clinical groups, can be completed by a variety of informants in different settings, classifies problematic behavior into five categories

The most widely-used symptom checklist for assessing problem behaviors of children and adults with developmental disabilities. --- New Edition

Michael G. Aman, Ph.D. and Nirbhay N. Singh, Ph.D.

Age Range:  5 years to Adult

Time:  10-15 minutes

The new ABC-2 can assess problematic behavior at home, in educational and work settings, and in residential and community-based facilities. The checklist can be completed by parents, special educators, psychologists, direct caregivers, nurses, and others with good knowledge of the person being assessed. This new edition summarizes 30-plus years of research, including extensive data on validity, reliability and documentation of intervention effects.

Detailed guidelines are included for good clinical practice, instruction raters, identifying clinically-significant scores, as well as solutions for numerous clinical and/or research challenges.

It rates 58 specific symptoms, and provides comprehensive descriptions, for each assessed behavior. These items resolve into five subscales:

  1.  Irritability
  2. Social Withdrawal
  3. Stereotypic Behavior
  4. Hyperactive/Noncompliance
  5. Inappropriate Speech

The ABC-2 includes an extensive combined Manual for both Community and Residential use. Normative data is included for multiple populations, including: Intellectual Disability; ASD; Fragile-X; children, adolescents and adults.

Extensive psychometric assessment of the ABC-2 has indicated that the subscales have high internal consistency, good reliability and well-established validity.  Empirically developed by factor analysis from 1,000 individuals. Detailed subscale norms are available for children and adults in the community, and in congregate facilities.  It has become the standard in the developmental disabilities field, for assessing challenging behaviors.

The ABC-2 Kit includes the new Manual (for both Community and Residential applications), 50 Community/Residential Checklists and 50 Score Sheets.