Ugo Basile Startle/PPI System

Automated Measurement of Startle Response in Mice!
Item Product Price QTY
58000 Ugo Basile Startle/PPI System for Mouse, Single Cage System Login
58001 Ugo Basile Startle/PPI System for Mouse, Two-Cage System Login
58002 Ugo Basile Startle/PPI System for Mouse, Four-Cage System Login
58003 Additional Mouse Unit for Startle/PPI Login
58004 Upgrade Kit from FC to Startle/PPI, Single-Cage, Mouse Login
58005 Software Activation Code for Ugo Basile Startle/PPI Login
The Ugo Basile Startle/PPI system is used to detect startle response in mice. Each system includes one touch screen and mouse cage. Software activation key sold separately.

The Ugo Basile STARTLE/PPI System allows for automated detection of startle reflex in Mice. 

The Startle/PPI set-up is part of UB conditioning-cage; a single touch-screen controller manags all UB cages.Contact Stoelting for full details!


  • Touch Screen Controller - controls up to 4 cages! 
  • Maximum Flexibility - full event randomization
    • Prepulse
    • Pulse
    • Inter-Pulse Interval
    • Inter-Stimulus Interval

The Stimulating/Recording Platform is the core of the set-up, encompassing the box where the mouse is placed, the light and the speaker, which deliver the startling stimuli (pulses), and the detection system. Two Mouse Boxes are provided as standard:

  • Small Mouse Box: ID 84x34x39(h)mm
  • Large Mouse Box: ID 84x39x44(h)mm

A Startle-Link Box collects the signals from up to 4 Stimulating/Recording Platforms and sends them to the Controller.