Ugo Basile Plethysmometer

Measure inflammatory oedema in the rat and mouse paw.
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57140 Ugo Basile Plethysmometer, Mouse/Rat Login
57157 Water Cell, 25mm w/transducer Login
57159 Water Cell, 35mm w/transducer Login
57153 Spare Transducer Login
57154 Water Reservoir Login
57155 Calibration Probes (0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 4 ml) Login
57160 Wetting Compound (100ml bottle) Login
57163 Four-to-Three Pin Cable for Plethys. Login


  • The new original device by Ugo Basile designed to measure paw volume and its changes (swelling) in rodents.
  • Used to precisely measure experimentally induced inflammation and changes due to administration of pharmacological substances.
  • New version with touch screen display, new firmware with more functions, with USB data retrival and experiment data loading capabilities, LAN connection, auto-mesure function and Ugo Basile family feeling design.
  • Over 3000 citations of Ugo Basile’s Plethysmometer in scientific publications.

Precise measurements, hands free operation

  • Displays the exact paw volume on the touch screen display, read-out with resolution of 0.01ml. Small differences are detected by an high precision self-made level transducer
  • Foot pedal that allows hands-free operation, to saved measured value and to enable auto-measure function
  • Easy zeroing before making new measurements.
  • Measuring paw tubes available in different sizes for different animals paws
  • Web-based LAN connection for data retrieving and experiment data loading (password protected)
  • USB pen drive for data retrieving and experiment data loading



Touch screen display

Easy to operate, easily result data viewing

Auto-measure function

Easy operation and better measuring accuracy and repeatability

USB pen drive

For fast measured data retrieving and experiment data loading

Web based LAN connection

Remote data retrieving and experiment data loading

Foot-Pedal to freeze the reading

Hand-free operation

Interchangeable water cells

Same instrument for mice and rats (four different dimensions)

More than 1000 citations

Most applications can be found in bibliography for reference


Power Requirement Universal input 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz, 15 W max
Data Read-out Multifunction graphic display
Display 4.3” multifunction color touch-screen display
Data Format  4 digits 2 integers, 2 decimals (e.g.:23.89 ml)



Weight 3,5 Kg
Shipping Weight 6.5 Kg
Shipping Dimension 36x55x45 cm



Warranty Plethysmometer is covered by a 12-month warranty + 12 after product registration
UB Care Additional UB-Care can be added for other 12 or 24 months

The Plethysmometer is an instrument designed to measure very small changes in volume via water displacement measured by a special very precise in house made transducer.

The availability of different (4) paw measurement tubes makes the device adaptable to many different paw dimensions.

In the 60s, Ugo Basile developed the first original device, designed specifically to measure paw swelling in rodents, since then, thousands of scientists have relied on our Plethysmometer to conduct their research on inflammation, publishing almost 3.000 scientific papers! 

The instrument is typically used to precisely measure the experimentally induced inflammation of the paw in rodents and its changes due to administration of pharmacological substances potentially active on inflammation.