Ugo Basile Organ Baths

Recording of Isometric or Isotonic Tissue Contraction/Release

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54000 Ugo Basile Organ Bath, 1 Chamber Login
54050 Ugo Basile Organ Bath, 2 Chamber Login
54400 Ugo Basile Organ Bath, 4 Chamber Login

Isolated Organ Baths have been designed for accurate recording of isometric or isotonic tissue contraction/release.  Available as 1,2, or 4-channel turn-key systems.  Used in classic Pharmacology research and teaching worldwide since 1960s!

Research involving effects of electrical stimuli or drugs on isolated smooth muscles, uterus, trachea, vessel strips, auricle, etc. can be performed under optimum conditions.
Wash or test solution enters chamber after passing through the temperature equilibrating coils and the syringe valve. The tissue in the chamber is washed by flushing the chamber through an overflow drain tube, to avoid exposing the tissue to the air. Water stirring is accomplished by a water jet delivered by a centrifugal pump.
A 200W stainless steel heating element is mounted on the Perspex tank floor. A precise solid state “proportional” thermostat maintains the temperature within the excellent limits of +/- 0.1ºC on all models.

Temperature:  25-45 (degree C) in 0.1 (degree C) steps

Setting:  via arrow keys

Temperature Precision:  +/- 0.1 (degree C)

Power Requirements:  115 or 230V, 50/60 Hz, 250 Watt max (54000/54050), 400 VA max for 54400

Sound Level:  <70 dB


Dimensions:  32x20x22cm

Weight: 4kg

Shipping Weight: 10.5kg

Packing 67x42x53cm


Dimensions:  47x20x22cm

Weight: 6.5kg

Shipping Weight:  11.5kg

Packing:  80x60x44cm


Dimensions: 47x29x22cm

Weight: 9kg

Shipping Weight:  16.5kg

Packing: 80x60x44cm