Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester

The Static Weight Bearing Test evaluates spontaneous joint pain, inflammation & injury.
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The Ugo Basile Incapacitance Tester evaluates spontaneous joint pain in animal models of pain, inflammation and injury. Static weight bearing or incapacitance assays measure the distribution of weight across the hind paws. The animal (rat or mouse) is introduced into an inclined holder which results in placement of the hind paws on two independent pressure sensors. Unequal weight distribution between the two paws is interpreted as a natural adjustment to the degree of nociception experienced. Models include monosodium iodoacetate (MIA)-induced osteoarthritis, bone cancer-induced pain, carrageenan-induced inflammation and sciatic nerve injury

Unique Features Include

Fully automatic, hands-free test processing.

● Appropriate for Mice and Rats. 

● Self-calibration and Auto Start modes. 

Bright touch screen, USB data storage and direct Excel export

Magnetic pads for easy and quick cleaning

● Restrainer, Pedal Switch & Calibration Wt. included



13 cm x 25 cm x 31 cm (HxWxD) without holders.

Packaging dimension:

28 cm x 68 cm x 34 cm (HxWxD) Weight 3.0 Kg.


2.6 Kg (instrument only no pedal, holders and power cable)

Output data file:

.csv format (to be open also in Microsoft Excel)

Measurements resolution:

0.05 g @ 500 g scale; 0.1 g @ max scale (2.200 g per paw)

Max. weight and accuracy:

2.200 g and 0.5% full scale

Designed for:

Mice and Rats.

Data results:

Duration, session number, force peak, average, std. deviation for each paw and left/right ratio. Direct calculation after the end of every experiment

Internal Memory:

4 GB, up to 10.000 + experiments

Measurement time:

From 1 s to 360 s

Measurement starting mode:

Manual or Automatic with auto-mode settings.

Power supply:

Power supply: Internal power supply 90-260VAC, fan-less (silent).

Features and Benefits

● Reliable Measure of hind paw weight distribution, through the most widely used method (>1,500 citations), now
updated and equipped with the latest technologies by Ugo Basile.

● Unique Autostart Feature, Automate the measurement process by identifying immobility windows.
The autostart feature developped by UGO Basile turns the procedure into a fully operator independant process.

● Touch screen and USB data storage let scientists setting, controlling and managing instrument data quickly and seamlessly. Through a few, intuitive buttons, one can reach all the functionalities. The included USB key stores all data for optimal portability (average paw weight, Standard Deviation, Left/Right ratio, etc.). The Left/Right weight histograms and scatter charts display on line the experiment output for an immediate visual control, graphically effective and easy to follow during the test.

● Reliable and easy to collect results: high quality force sensors (0.1g resolution) are easily calibrated with the provided reference weight and show no screws or other parts potentially interfering with the animal, for maximum experiment repeatability. After each test the result can be stored or discarded and data can be transferred
from the instrument to a PC for MS Excel.

● Easy cleaning - At the end of the experiment the foot pads can be cleaned in a few seconds, being magnetically attached to the base.