Ugo Basile Electronic von Frey

Automated Assessment of Threshold to Mechanical Stimuli

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57814 Ugo Basile Electronic Von Frey Login
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The Ugo Basile Electronic von Frey instrument provides automated assessment of theshold to mechanical stimuli in mice and rats.  Mechanical allodynia and hypersensitivity is assessed by stimulating the plantar surface of the animal's hindpaw and latency to paw withdrawal is recorded automatically.  Instrument includes an electronic unit, touch stimulator and software used to compare applied force with desired target force.


  • Automatically records the animal response to user-controlled application of force rate.
  • The viewing prism, an original design by Ugo Basile, enables fast localization of the stimulation site on the unrestrained animal.
  • User-defined force rate using a single filament offers greater efficiency compared to manual von Frey (and multiple filaments).
  • Allows stimulation of any part of the body and not only plantar surface also at high forces

Efficient, innovative, reliable

  • The integrated touch stimulator transducer examines and tests the animal skin sensitivity.
  • The rate of application of the force is set by the operator. Software tools help the operator to consistently apply the force at the desired rate.
  • Ergonomic handle reduces operator fatigue
  • Test is completed when the animal releases its paw or the operator presses the foot-pedal (for hands free operation).
  • At test completion, a summary of results is displayed (force and time corresponding to the animal response).
  • The results of several hundred tests may be stored in the e-VF, browsed on the control unit and/or transferred to a PC in Excel (.xls) or text (.txt) format.
  • e-VF Handheld Electronic Von Frey includes:
    • A battery powered electronic control unit with internal memory
    • Touch stimulator with a viewing prism
    • DCA software for signal monitoring, data transfer and analysis.
  • Optional platforms and base options are available for complete set up.
Force Ranges 0-50gf,  0-200gf,  0-1000gf
Force Increasing Rate Monitored via e-VF Electronic Unit or via the DCA3 Software on the PC
Force Response in 0.1gf steps
Latency Time in 0.1s steps
Start Automatic when force applies to the instrument
Stop Automatic or by pedal
Connection to PC    via USB cable (A to mini-B) and e-VF Software (DCA3)
Power Requirement Either battery operated, via USB cable connected to PC, included power supply (100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz)