Ugo Basile Durham Animal Restrainers

For Trigeminal Stimulation

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The Durham Animal Holders are animal holders for trigeminal stimulation, the newest accessory for use with the Plantar Test and Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer.


Innovative Design and Material

The Ugo Basile Durham Holders are designed to hold an animal comfortably and effectively.  They are made of proprietary polymer with a deep red color which minimizes animal distress.

The holders are available in two sizes; the small holder accommodates animals weighing 175g to 250g, whereas the larger holder accommodates animals weighing 225g to over 400g.  

In practice, the rat crawls into the holder and the vertical plate ensures that the animal stays in place.  The position of the removable back panel insert can be adjusted, which allows the animal to be securely held in place, without overcrowding. 

Access Panels

There are two different windows through which the stimulus may be presented: 

Submandibular Access Panel

The opening under the chin is a perfectly sized rectanglar aperture just below the animal's chin.  It allows the IR or mechanical stimulus to be aimed precisely and to stimulate the area innervated by the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve.  The aperture is large enough that both right and/or left side may be stimulated individually.

Plantar Access Panel

The holder allows the animal to be positioned such that classic Plantar Tests can be employed for stimulation of the hindpaw.