Ugo Basile Activity Cage

Connect up to 6 cages!

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57445 Ugo Basile Beam-Break Activity System Login

The Ugo Basile Activity Cage measures horizontal and vertical locomotor activity in mice and rats.  

The Ugo Basile Activity Cage records spontaneous activity in rats and mice (individual or groups). As the animal moves about a clear acrylic cage, it breaks one or more infrared beams. The beams are arranged in an array of emitters on one side of the cage, detectors on another. The lower IR array monitors horizontal movement while the upper IR array monitors vertical or rearing activity. The number of beam breaks is correlated with the amount of movement about the cage.

Features and Benefits:

Adjustable IR Photocell Arrays 

Same Instrument for Rats and Mice

Measures Locomotor Activity and Rearing

Operates as Stand-alone or PC-conencted