Stoelting Clipper Vacuum System

Vacuum away and safely contain hair and dander as soon as they are cut.

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Stoelting's Dander-Free Animal Clipper System

Stoelting's hair and dander vacuum attaches directly to the Animal Clipper so that hair and dander are vacuumed away as soon as they are cut, then collected in a small, portable vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with 3 levels of filtration (paper bag and a cloth filter backed by a HEPA filter). This combination is 99.97% effecient to 0.3 microns, without excessive filter replacement costs. The exhaust to the room is only clean air.

Clipper System

  • Designed for laboratory animal hair
  • Vacuum is HEPA filtered (99.97% efficient to 0.3 microns)
  • Built-in noise suppression system
  • 10-Quart Capacity
  • Safe, disposable collection bags
  • Swing arm holds hose clear of work area
  • Entire system is mounted on a convinient, wheeled cart

The Hair and Dander Vacuum attaches directly to animal clippers (not included). Hair and dander are vacuumed away as soon as they are cut, then collected in a small portable vacuum cleaner.

The system comes complete with the vacuum cleaner on a cart, the clipper attachment head (Clippers are NOT included), HEPA Filter, Cloth Filter, and 10 disposable paper bag filters.