Micro Clips

Ideal for clamping of small animal vessels.
Item Product Price QTY
52106-65 Micro Clip Straight .75 x 6mm Login
52106-66 Micro Clip Straight .8 x 5 mm Login
52106-67 Micro Clip Straight 1x8mm Login
52106-68 Micro Clip Straight 1.5x10mm Login
52106-69 Micro Clip Slight Curve 1x6mm Login
52106-70 Micro Clip Strong Curve 1x6mm Login
52106-71 Micro Clip 45 Degree Angle 1x6mm Login
52106-72 Clip Applying Forceps 5.75in with Lock Login
52106-80 Micro Clip Applying Forcep, 5.75in. W/Lock, SS Login
These micro clips provide a very easy and secure method of stopping blood flow while performing procedures on vessels. Using the Stoelting applying forceps, such as 52106-64 or 52106-72, surgical clips can easily be positioned on the vessels. The locking forceps allows for easy, precise, and secure grasping of the micro surgical clips. Simply grasp the clip with the forceps to open the jaw, slid it over the vessels and release. To remove surgical clips, simply perform the procedure in reverse. This procedure does not compromise the vessels integrity.

The jaws have fine atraumatic serrations.

Please use 52106-64 or 52106-72 clip applying forceps with these clips. Compressing the clips with fingers is very difficult and it may damage them.

Stoelting offer a variety of vascular clips and clamps with a large closing force range. This force is designated by the amount of weight in grams the clips exert at a defined point on clip's jaws, or conversely, the weight in grams needed to open the jaws to a particular width.

For example, the 52106-65 micro clip has a closing force of 70g. That means it applies 70g of force at 1/3 the jaw length, or 70g of force need to be applied to open it to a width of 1mm.

Below is a chart with these measurements:

52106-65 - 52106-71 Micro Clips (70g) closing force at 1/3 jaw length and 1.0 mm opening

52106-74 - 52106-76 Schwartz Clips (795g) closing force at 1/2 jaw length and 1.5 mm opening

52120-00 - 52120-06 Micro Vascular Clips (30-60g) closing force at 1/3 jaw length and .5 mm opening

52120-38/52102-39 Dietrich Clamps (90g) closing force at tip of jaw and 1mm opening

Not for human use