Mayo Scissors

Mayo scissors come in straight or curved styles
Item Product Price QTY
52136-50 Mayo Scissors 5.5in Straight Login
52136-50P Mayo Scissors, 5.75in, Straight Login
52136-51 Mayo Scissors 5.5in Straight, Surecut Login
52136-52 Mayo Scissors 5.5in Curved Login
52136-52P Mayo Scissors, 5.75in, Curved Login
52136-53 Mayo Scissors 5.5in Curved, Surecut Login
52136-54 Mayo Scissors 6.75in Straight Login
52136-55 Mayo Scissors 6.75in Straight, Left-Handed Login
52136-55P Mayo Scissors, 6.75in, Straight, Left-Handed Login
52136-56 Mayo Scissors 6.75in Straight, Surecut Login
52136-57 Mayo Scissors 6.75in Curved Login
52136-58 Mayo Scissors 9in Straight, Surecut Login
52136-59 Mayo Scissors 9in Curved, Surecut Login
52136-60 Mayo Scissors 5.5in Straight Carbide Login
52136-60P Mayo Scissors, 5.5in, Straight Login
52136-61 Mayo Scissors 5.5in Curved Carbide Login
52136-61P Mayo Scissors, 5.5in, Curved Login
52136-62 Mayo Scissors 6.75in Straight Carbide Login
52136-63 Mayo Scissors 6.75in Curved Carbide Login
52136-64 Mayo-Stille Scissors 5.5in Round Straight Login
52136-65 Mayo-Stille Scissors 5.5in Round Curved Login
52136-66 Mayo-Stille Scissors 6.75in Round Straight Login
52136-67 Mayo-Stille Scissors 6.75in Round Curved Login
52136-68 Mayo-Noble Scissors 6.5in Straight Login
52136-69 Mayo-Noble Scissors 6.5in Curved Login
52140-70 Mayo Scissors, 43mm tip, 5.5 in. Login
Straight-bladed Mayo scissors are designed for cutting body tissues near the surface of a wound. Curved-bladed Mayo scissors allow deeper penetration into the wound than the type with straight blades. The curved style of Mayo scissor is used to cut thick tissues
Mayo scissors have semi-blunt ends, a feature that distinguishes them from most other surgical scissors.