Lab Standard with Mouse Adaptors

The Lab Standard Stereotaxic Instrument Adapted for use with Mice
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51615 Lab Standard with Mouse & Neonates Adaptor Login
51615T Lab Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, Mouse Login
51925 Digital Lab Standard with Mouse & Neonates Adaptor Login
51925T Digital Lab Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, Mouse Login
51615M Motorized Lab Standard w/Mouse & Neonates Adaptor w/Joystick Login

Position easily and secure your animal gently

Stoelting’s Mouse/Neonate Adaptor is designed to transform the traditional ‘U’ frame, Rat Stereotaxic instrument into an instrument appropriate for mouse stereotaxic surgery. 

51615 - Stoelting's Lab Standard Stereotaxic Instrument with Mouse & Neonates Adaptor. This Adaptor employs light, Delrin® ear bars with tapered points on one end, and rubber tips on the other, to facilitate surgery on mice and rat pups. Ear and bit bars’ height can also be independently adjusted to easily level the skull. Laser engraved scales show the vertical positions of the ear bars. A tooth bar and nose clamp secures the nose. “Triple point” securing of the animal’s head in this adaptor makes it the most versatile mouse adaptor available. Set of two jaw holder cuffs included.

51925 - Digital Lab Standard with Mouse & Neonates Adaptor. A digital version of the Lab Standard Stereotaxic together with the Mouse and Neonates Adaptor. Our Digital Stereotaxic offer greater speed of operation and increased accuracy. Fit with an easy-to-read, touchscreen digital display and sealed electronic sensors operation of the instrument is easy and precise. Simply move your probe to an established reference point (e.g. Bregma), zero the touchscreen LED display and move to the desired coordinates. 

51615T - Lab Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, Mouse. The Stoelting Mouse Adaptor Kit (51660-1) uses a more traditional low profile hold for the head and snout of the mouse using the traditionl 'U' Frame. Non-Rupture (45°) Ear Bars and a mouse specific bite bar for use on the traditional frame are included.

51925T - Digital Lab Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, Mouse. A digital version of the Lab Standard Stereotaxic paired with the Elevated Platform for Mouse, Non-Rupture Ear Bars a mouse specific Bite bar for use on the 'U' frame Lab Standard Stereotaxic  

Adaptors are Warmer Ready. Stoelting adaptors are designed to be integrated with the Stoelting Rodent Warmer System (sold separately) and are used to maintain body temperature throughout surgical procedures. The thermal heating pads are embedded into the adaptor to avoid cross contamination with easy clean-up and maintain a sterile environment during stereotaxic surgery. In addition, it can be used as a general warming system or with a rectal thermal probe (sold separately) for homeothermic regulation.