Friedman Bone Rongeurs

Ideal instruments for gaining access to the brain of rats and mice
Item Product Price QTY
52160 Friedman Rongeurs, 5.5 in., slight curve, 2mm Login
52160P Friedman Rongeurs, 5.5 in, Curved, Delicate Login
52161-02 Micro Friedman Rongeur, 5.5 in., 1.3mm, Straight Login
52161-02P Micro Friedman Rongeur, 5.5 in., 1.3mm, Straight Login
52161-03 Micro Friedman Rongeur, 5.5 in, Curved, 1.3mm Login
52161-03P MIcro Friedman Rongeur, 5.5 in., 1.3mm, Curved Login
52161-05 Micro Friedman Rongeur, 5.5 in, Delicate, 1.0mm, Angled Login
52161-07 Extra Del Micro Friedman Rongeur 5.5in. Curved, .75mm Tips Login
Rongeurs are strongly constructed instruments with a sharp-edged, scoop-shaped tip, used for gouging out bone. Rongeur is a French word that means rodent or 'gnawer'. A rongeur is used to open a window in bone, often in the skull. It is used in neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery to expose areas for operation or to aid in removal of the brain.

What is the finest bone rongeur sold?

The Micro Friedman Rongeur are our finest bone rongeurs. The jaws are only 1.3MM wide, and are available straight, angled, and curved.

What does the term "double action" mean in the description of a Bone Rongeur/Bone Cutting Forcep?

"Double action" provides a second hinge point. This increases the pressure and force applied to the cutting edges of the rongeur through the lever action provided by the second pivot point. An example of a "double action" bone cutter is the 52167-75.

What instrument should I use to open a mouse skull?

When opening a mouse skull, there is a great need to avoid traumatizing the brain. For this purpose we recommend using the 52167-80 Littauer bone cutting forceps. The small and sharp head will easily cut through the skull without traumatizing the brain.

What instrument should I use to open a rat skull?

The best instruments to use for bone cutting are the bone cutting forceps. When cutting into a larger rat's skull, you can use a bulkier instrument such as the 52167-75 Ruskin bone cutting forceps. The double action allows precise control and steadiness, while the relatively thin head will fit between the dura and skull bone.

For smaller or younger rats, we recommend using a more delicate instrument such as the 52161-05 Micro Friedman Rongeur.