Drill and Microinjection Robot

Robotic Drill and Injection Add-on System for Improved Stereotaxic Surgery.

Item Product Price QTY
51705 Stereotaxic Robot Drill and Microinjector Robot, Mouse Login
51710 Stereotaxic Robot Drill System, Mouse Login
51709 Stereotaxic Robot MIcroinjector System, Mouse Login
51708 Stereotaxic Robot Drill, Microinjector, Optogenetics, Mouse Login
51707 Stereotaxic Robot Drill and Microinjector Robot, Rat Login

The Drill and Micro Injection Robot add-on provides automated drilling followed by an intracranial injection using the same holder! This unique robot stereotaxic is ideal for multiple injection sites with no tool exchange between the drill and injector.

The Drill & Microinjection Robot is a unique stereotaxic instrument add-on for automated drilling, followed by ultraprecise injection without tool exchange. After loading the syringe you can perform injections in multiple locations and subsequent animals without recalibration. Atlas integration, intuitive computerized control of the stereotaxic frame and alignment correction ensure that all the procedures are precise and efficient. The Drill & Microinjection Robot work with the Motorized Stereotaxic Instrument which can be seen here 


  • Integrated into the StereoDrive software (computer and motorized stereotaxic not included but required)
  • Available as Glass-Capillary Nanoinjector
  • Atlas Integration
  • High Throughput Drilling and Injection
  • No Tool Exchange
  • Defined/Stored Protocols
  • Multisite Microinjections
  • Ideal for Optogenetics applications
  • Precise Depth Control
  • Brain Windowing
  • Contour Drilling
  • Smooth Edges
  • Skull Thinning