Drill and Injection Robot for Motorized Stereotaxic Instruments

Software Driven Drilling and Injection

Item Product Price QTY
51705 Stereotaxic Robot Drill and Microinjector Robot, Mouse Login
51707 Stereotaxic Robot Drill and Microinjector Robot, Rat Login
58633 Auto. Synchronization Device(Drill & Injection Robot Sys) Login
58640 Robot Drill w/Auto-Stop UPGRADE Login
58645 Robot Microinjector UPGRADE Login
58643 Robot Drill & Injection Bundle f/Robot Stereotaxic UPGRADE Login
58635 Smart BregmaFinder (Robot Sys) Login
51722 Laptop Computer Only (Robotic Stereotaxic Sys) Login

The Drill and Injection Robot provides for a fully software driven solution to stereotaxic surgery.  The Drill and Injection Robot allows for high precision injection.  Recalibration after drilling no longer needed!  After loading the syringe, the injection robot allows for multiple injections in different animlas without tool exchange or recalibration!

Accessorize your Motorized Stereotaxic Instrument with a Drill and Injection Robot! In addition to motorized, computer controlled stereotaxic positioning, the Drill and Injection Robot provides a completely automated solution for stereotaxic surgery.  

In addition to being software controlled, other features Include:

  • High Throughput Drill & Inject
  • No Tool Exchange
  • Define/Store Protocols
  • Precise Depth Control
  • Brain Windowing
  • Contour Drilling
  • Smooth Edges
  • Skull Thinning


Motorized Stereotaxic Instrument Drill & Injection Robot Video

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