Drill Holder

Designed for use with the Stoelting Micromotor Drills
Item Product Price QTY
51630 Drill Holder for 51449 Login
51630-1 Drill Holder for 51555 Login
51630-1L Drill Holder w/LED Light (for 51555) Login
The Stoelting Drill Holders were designed specifically for the Stoelting Micromotor Drills (51449 and 51555).

The 51630 Stoelting Drill Holder is for the Stoelting Micromotor Drill (51449). Inner diameter: 28mm.

The 51630-1 Stoelting Drill Holder is for the Stoelting Portable Micromotor Drill (51555): Inner diameter: 23mm

The 51630-1L Stoelting Drill Holder must be used with one of our Motorized Stereotaxics or our Quintessential Stereotaxic Injector