Drill Bits & Accessories

Carbide drill bits, cutting wheels, dental cement and other Stereotaxic Surgery related accessories
Item Product Price QTY
51457 Bone Anchor Screws/Pkg.of 100 Login
514551 Drill Bit-.45 mm Login
514552 Drill Bit-.60 mm Login
514553 Drill Bit-.75 mm Login
514554 Drill Bit-1.00 mm Login
514555 Drill Bit-1.35 mm Login
514556 Drill Bit-1.75 mm Login
58605 Diamond Thin Cutting Wheel Login
58606 Mandrel for Diamond Discs -#14011 Login
51458 Dental Cement Kit, 1 lb, Pink Opaque * Login
51459 Dental Cement Kit, 1 lb, Clear * Login
51448 Miniature Carbide Burr Drill Bits, Set of 7, Assorted Login
51462 Screwdriver for Bone Anchor Screws Login
51451 Miniature Carbide Burr Drill Bit, 0.2 Login
58640-1 Carbide Drill Bit, 0.6mm (Robot Drill) Login
58640-2 Carbide Drill Bit, 1.4mm (Robot Drill) Login

Unique products generally used in Stereotaxic Surgery and procedures. A variety of carbide drill bits, diamond cutting discs, and dental cement (a standard in stereotaxic surgery requiring implantation). Drill bits come as a package of 6 (except 51451, 58640-1 and 58640-2).

High quality carbide drill bits cut cleaner and retain sharp edges longer.

Suitable for use with the 58650 Flexible Shaft Drill, and the 51449 Micromotor Drill. Spherical heads, variety of sizes. Packages of 6 bits (all the same size, except 51451, 58640-1 and 58640-2).

A must for cutting or shaping stainless steel tubing for custom cannulas, knives or syringes.

A diamond disc cuts (rather than grinds) its way through stainless steel tubing. The result is a fast, clean cut with little heat generation and no burrs to remove. Tubing is free of obstruction and ready for use immediately after cutting.

A standard in stereotaxic surgery requiring implantation

Use to affix stainless steel to skull or bone, for lab repairs, or for casting of hard acrylic parts. Particularly useful for securing bone anchor screws in skull holes or cementing cannulae in place.

Dental cement can be cut, drilled or ground. Mixture is exothermic.

Kit includes 1 pound of dental cement, 8 oz. of solvent, and the kit pictured above.

Dental Cement and solvent are available only to the 48 contiguous united states and via ground shipment.