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Filter - Carbon, Pk/2 Ideal for the removal of Hazardous Fumes and Vapors

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Ideal for the removal of hazardous Fumes and Vapors the Carbon filter is made specifically for Hazard Technology Hoods, Downdraft Tables, and Workstations

Filters should be changed regularly and according to your specific use and needs. Even without use, once a filter has been installed, it should be changed at least once per year. Failure to replace the filter increases the risk that your hood will not provide appropriate protection from hazardous materials.

Other Filter options include:

• Carbon (Charcoal) - rids the work area of hazardous fumes and vapors.

• HEPA - used for containment of particles - toxic powders, asbestos, lead, latent fingerprint powder, etc.

• Potassium Permanganate - safely absorbs and neutralizes formaldehyde and paraformaldehyde fumes.

• Polyester – generally used for dust prevention and as a pre-filter in combination with HEPA filters

*Filters may be stacked for mixed use applications*

Installation Instructions

1.     Remove Packaging by cutting away outside boxes

2.     Open Blower Box

3.     Remove Wingnut Washers and Filter Holders from Threaded Rod

4.     Place Filter in Plenum (Filter Gasket facing down)

5.     Be certain the Filter Gasket is between guides

6.     If using two Filters place Dust Filter in first and then Vapor Filter on top

7.     Replace Filter Holders and Wingnut Washers

8.     Tighten Wingnut Washers to depress Filter Holders

9.     It is necessary to depress Filter Gaskets to create an appropriate seal

Important – Do Not touch HEPA Filter media

10.  Close Blower Box

Scavengers Users Only

11.  Attach hoses as required

12.  Attach nozzles as required

13.  Follow steps 17-21

Portable Fume Hood Users Only

14.  Place Blower on top of Acrylic Enclosure

15.  Make sure Blower(s) is placed on top of enclosure correctly

16.  See attached diagram for correct placement

All Users

17.  Plug Blower(s) into 110-volt grounded outlet

18.  Turn Blower(s) on

19.  Adjust cover to working height or cut cover as needed

20.  You are now ready to use your Portable Fume Hood

21.  Check Filter(s) periodically and change when necessary

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Blower Position

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