Bone Rongeur

A variety of instruments for gaining access to the brain of rats and mice
Item Product Price QTY
52163 Mini Bone Rongeur, 5 in., 2X8mm Login
52163P Mini Bone Rongeur, 5 in, 2X8mm Login
52163-00 Lempert Rongeur 6.5in, 2.5 X 25mm, Slight Curve Login
52163-01 Blumenthal Rongeur 6in, Angled, 2.5mm Login
52163-02 Hartman Rongeur 5.75in, Strong Curve Login
52163-03 Adson Rongeur 8in, Curved 7 x 13 mm Login
52163-04 Ruskin Rongeur 6in, Curved 3 mm, Double Action Login
52163-05 Del Bone Trimmer, 7mm, Cut Edge, 5.5 inch Login
52164 Micro Blumenthal Rongeur, 4.5in., curved Login
52164P Micro Blumenthal Rongeur, 4.5in., curved Login
52165 Bane Bone Rongeurs, 6.5 in., curved Login
52165P Bane Bone Rongeurs, 7 in., curved Login
Rongeurs are strongly constructed instruments with a sharp-edged, scoop-shaped tip, used for gouging out bone. Rongeur is a French word that means rodent or 'gnawer'. A rongeur is used to open a window in bone, often in the skull. It is used in neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery to expose areas for operation or to aid in removal of the brain.