Activity Wheels for Rats and Mice

 Especially useful for research on circadian rhythms or motor function

Item Product Price QTY
68110 Activity Wheel & Cage, Mouse Login
68210 Activity Wheel & Cage, Rat Login
68100 Activity Wheel, Mouse with Cage & LCD Counter Login
68200 Activity Wheel, Rat with Cage & LCD Counter Login
68151 ANY-maze Activity Wheel, Mouse Login
68251 ANY-maze Activity Wheel, Rat Login
68150 ANY-maze Activity Wheel, Mouse with Activity Wheel Software Login
68250 ANY-maze Activity Wheel, Rat with Activity Wheel Software Login

Activity Wheels are designed to provide an easy convenient method for measuring laboratory mice or rats motor activity over long periods of time.

Follow this link to learn more about using our Activity Weels with ANY-maze

The running-wheel is made of stainless steel, provided with low friction Teflon bushing, for smooth action.  The wheel is housed in a clear polycarbonate cage and a stainless steel wire lid with exclusive lid locks fasten securely to the cage body.
The lid allows for water bottle and food access. A solid stainless steel lid covers the opening at the edge of the activity wheel.