ANY-maze Photobeam

Detects Beam Breaks

Item Product Price QTY
60001-21 AMi Photo Beam, 1 set (IR Transmitter & Receiver) Login
60001-25 AMi Photo Beam, Set of 5 (IR Transmitters & Receivers) Login
60001-20 AMi Photo Beam, Set of 10 (IR Transmitters & Receivers) Login
60064 ANY-maze Digital Interface Login

The AMi-2 photo-beams detect when an animal breaks an infrared beam and can be used in a wide variety of situations, including when an animal passes through a door, detecting nose-pokes, distance traveled and more! Photo-Beams plug directly into the AMi-2 Digital interface

AMi 2 Photo-Beam - Use to detect beam breaks!

  • Plug directly into the AMi-2 Digital Interface (sold separately as item 60064; click here)
  • Working distance up to 150cm separation
  • Multiple beams can be mounted close together without cross-beam interference
  • Threaded cases make it simple to mount beams in a 0.3in (8mm) diameter hole