ANY-maze Photobeam Arrays

Detect Rearing!

Item Product Price QTY
60001-01A AMi Photo-Beam Array, 20cm, w/o vertical stand Login
60001-01 AMi Photo-Beam Array, 20cm Login
60001-02A AMi Photo-Beam Array, 40cm, w/o vertical stand Login
60001-02 AMi Photo-Beam Array, 40cm Login
60001-03A AMi Photo-Beam Array, 100cm, w/o vertical stand Login
60001-03 AMi Photo-Beam Array, 100cm Login
60064 ANY-maze Digital Interface Login

The AMi-2 photobeam array provides a 'curtain' of photobeams and is often used to detect when an animal rears. It can also be as a movement detector, which can generate reliable movement 'counts' in circumstances in which video tracking can't be used. Photobeams plug directly into the AMi-2 Digital interface

AMi-2 Photo-beam Arrays - Use to detect rearing!

  • Array plugs direclty into the AMi-2 Digital Interface (sold separately as item 60064, click here)
  • Available in 40cm and 100cm
  • Maximum working distance is 50cm separation 
  • 12.5mm space between beams (across the array)