ANY-maze Activity Wheel

The ANY-maze Activity Wheel adds depth and sophistication to the traditional Running Wheel 

Item Product Price QTY
68150 ANY-maze Activity Wheel, Mouse with Activity Wheel Software Login
68250 ANY-maze Activity Wheel, Rat with Activity Wheel Software Login
68151 ANY-maze Activity Wheel, Mouse Login
68251 ANY-maze Activity Wheel, Rat Login
68100 Activity Wheel, Mouse with Cage & LCD Counter Login
68200 Activity Wheel, Rat with Cage & LCD Counter Login
68110 Activity Wheel & Cage, Mouse Login
68210 Activity Wheel & Cage, Rat Login

ANY-maze Activity Wheels are a convenient and straightforward method for measuring rodent physical activity. Our Activity Wheels are great stand-alone tools but they are far better when paired with ANY-maze. You need only purchase the software once or, if you are already an ANY-maze user you can use the ANY-maze Activity Wheel with your current software. You can run 48 cages symultaneously. Connects to your computer via USB connection

ANY-maze will score the following Activity-Wheel measures.

·   Number of rotations

·   Time turning

·   Distance

·   Number of clockwise rotations

·   Number of anti-clockwise rotations

·   Number of reversals

·   Number of half rotations

·   Number of quarter rotations

·   Degrees of clockwise rotation

·   Degrees of anti-clockwise rotation

·   Maximum RPM

·   Minimum RPM

·   Average RPM

·   Average RPM while turning

Used for research on circadian rhythms, motor function, aging, energy balance, recovering and pain related exercise.

Stand-Alone or Models with a simple LCD counter are also available.