CPSpro Arm Cuffs

Blood pressure cuffs for arm and forearm.
Item Product Price QTY
87051 CPS Cardio Cuff Login
87053 CPS Wrist Cuff Login
87054 CPS Kovacic Cardio Cuff Login
87055 CPS Kovacic Forearm Cuff Login
87056 CPS Cardio Cuff - Large Login
87057 CPS Kovacic Cardio Cuff - Large Login
87058 CPS Luer Connectors, Pk of 5 sets Login

Universal Calibrated V-Lok adjustable blood pressure cuffs for arm and forearm with Luer inputs. Supports up to 215mm Hg. 

CPSpro Fusion software implements a continuous digital display on your computer screen of subject’s pulse rate and cuff pressure that eliminates the need of a sphygmomanometer