CPSpro Arm Cuffs

Blood pressure cuffs for arm and forearm.
Item Product Price QTY
87051 CPS Cardio Cuff Login
87052 CPS Finger Cuff***DISCONTINUED Login
87053 CPS Wrist Cuff Login
87054 CPS Kovacic Cardio Cuff Login
87055 CPS Kovacic Forearm Cuff Login
87056 CPS Cardio Cuff - Large Login
87057 CPS Kovacic Cardio Cuff - Large Login
87058 CPS Luer Connectors, Pk of 5 sets Login

Universal Calibrated V-Lok adjustable blood pressure cuffs for arm and forearm with Luer inputs. Supports up to 215mm Hg. 

CPSpro Fusion software implements a continuous digital display on your computer screen of subject’s pulse rate and cuff pressure that eliminates the need of a sphygmomanometer