I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out: One Boy's Journey and Triumph with Auditory Processing Disorder

I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out: One Boy's Journey and Triumph with Auditory Processing Disorder

I Get It! I Get It! How John Figures It Out: One Boy's Journey and Triumph with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) is an attractively illustrated b...
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Winner of the Children's Literary Classics Award and Creative Child Magazine 2012 Book of the Year Award!! I Get It! I Get It! Is a beautifully-illustrated book about a boy who feels frustrated–and not smart. He is having difficulty at school, and at home, and begins to feel overwhelmed.



I Get It!  I Get It!  How John Figures it Out
Loraine Alderman and Yvonne Capitelli

I Get It! I Get It! is a beautifully-illustrated soft-cover book, published by Stoelting, about a boy who feels frustrated–and not smart. He is having difficulty at school, and at home, and begins to feel overwhelmed. The adults in his life think he is inattentive, and not trying hard enough. Children with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) find the world a confusing, challenging place. Although they do not have a “hearing loss”, they often “mis-hear” and misinterpret directions they receive auditorily.

With the support of his family, and his teacher, John learns how to effectively deal with the disorder, for success in school and at home. With modifications and help, John realizes he has a learning problem he can overcome.

Colorful, expressive illustrations follow John’s journey from confusion to triumph, good self-esteem, and “figuring it out.” At the end of the story, a Glossary of Terms, Ways You Can Help Your Child at Home and in School, and a Resources List are included.


Simple to understand, yet not simple minded, I Get It is a bountiful book which explains in clear language and beautiful illustrations what ADP is. Sharing the joy when the the character, John, finally Gets it, is heart warming and reachable for those who live with ADP, which is indeed a family affair. Anecdotes, practical steps and resources combine to create a book the entire family can share and learn by. I heartily recommend this book which will result in all of us listening and hearing more clearly.
Kathy Garver
PO Box 117345
Burlingame, CA 94011-7345

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist on Staten Island. Last year I saw a review of your book, I GET IT, I GET IT in the AFT newspaper. I saved the article to show my school librarian, J.O. She took it upon herself to order the book. WOW! What an amazing book! Thank you for personally signing the book! I read the book with my students who have experienced similar situations as "John". I have shared the book with other therapists as well as parents. No surprise they LOVE it too! This week, I am presenting to a group of Speech Pathologists on Staten Island, and I will be talking/raving about your book. I am planning on having my students write letters to you!
Sincerely, L.D.

" Children with Auditory Processing Deficits find the world a confusing, challenging place. Although they do not have a 'hearing loss', they often 'mis-hear' and may misinterpret instruction, directions and discussions that they receive auditorily. As a result, this pervasive disorder causes great difficulty for the child in the classroom, the home and in the community.

In I GET IT !! I GET IT !!, Yvonne Capitelli and Loraine Alderman put a human face on this puzzling disorder by viewing it through the eyes of John, a grade school boy who struggles with Auditory Processing every day. With the support of his family and his teacher, John learns how to deal with his disorder. The story enables the reader to better understand the disorder....and offers concrete strategies for the adults in the child's life.

Beyond the John narrative, the book also includes a detailed glossary of related terms and a list of practical modifications and adjustments that parents can make at home to assist the child. This book could be helpful in assisting kids...and parents....to deal more effectively with Auditory Processing Difficulties."

Richard D. Lavoie
Producer, THE F.A.T. City Workshop

Dear Loraine Alderman,

  I just wanted to let you know that your books have helped my husband, myself and our son tremendously - in terms of understanding APD and navigating through the education system.

 Our son loves your book and he identifies with it. It makes him feel “a lot better” and “proud”.

 He was tested and diagnosed in 2nd Grade by his neurologist and audiologist as having APD.

 His neurologist felt he was very bright but had auditory processing issues.

 Recently, I took him to his neurologist for a current evaluation and a list of accommodations.

 My husband and I had a meeting with the teacher and the principal to go over everything - basically what he needed that he was not getting.

 APD seems to be a relatively new disorder that is being identified occasionally in the school system. It can be difficult for educators to understand it.

 In any event, we had a great meeting with the 504 committee. Because we have directed them, educated them and provided them with supplies and support  --and have made them privy to aspects of APD, they are making a good effort to accommodate our son.

We are so thankful for your books! We bought your book for our son’t teacher, and his tutor and I am in the middle of reading “Don’t You Get It?”

I was just reading the chapter your Dad wrote and was extremely moved. I see so many similarities in terms of your Dad’s obstacles aligned with what my son is going through. 

 Our son is also deeply intuitive and my husband and I have talked about how he would make an amazing Detective or Chef.

 He is very good at putting puzzles together — literally and figuratively!

 We are so grateful that you have written a book about APD and look forward to meeting you in the future.

 many thanks and best regards,